Meet Jeremy Stamas

Jeremy Stamas

Jeremy Stamas premiered an original film piece at the first All Together Now on April 23rd.

Jeremy Stamas :: Experimental Film :: Boston
Jeremy has been shooting and editing video since he was old enough to steal his Dad’s Betamax camcorder. He studied film at Bard College and he lives in Somerville, MA.

Artist Statements:

“When I was in high school and college my friends and I recorded video of everything. Going back and working with this footage, even just re-experiencing it as a viewer many years later, has a strong impact on my work. The challenge is finding a compelling way to share these essentially private artifacts with an audience of strangers who have no personal connection to the footage.”

“We only have one chance to experience a work of art for the very first time. And that first experience is often the most memorable, if not our only experience with that particular work. But all art changes dramatically over time. This evolution, both on a personal level and by society as a whole, has always fascinated me.”

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