Meet Jenee Halstead

Jenee Halstead

Jenee Halstead performed in the first All Together Now on April 23rd.

Jenee Halstead :: Music :: Boston
Her latest release, Edge of the World, adds to the indefinable soundscape in which her soft and supple voice floats so exquisitely that the Boston Herald felt it like sorceress music, rings of smoke through the trees and the bells of Rhymney, while comparing Jenees working relationship with new producer Sean McLaughlin to that of Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois for the way it embedded a tremendous voice in an otherworldly, shadowy soundscape.

Spot on. With her gift for wonderfully evocative lyrical imagery, delivered with such a compelling voice, its easy to foresee that Jenees unfettered songwriting will continue to rise  like those swirling rings of smoke  into the expansive sky, and far beyond the edge of the world.


Artist Statements:

“Something that emerged in my art recently was the desire to tell my story and a need to be authentic. I think I spent most of my life running and hiding from my story because I was ashamed of it so I held it at arm’s length. I am proud that I am a survivor and I am proud of who I have become as a strong woman and an authentic artist. I have something to share that might help others.”

“For me this event signifies a change in the way I perform and envision my performance. I have been wanting to move to a more open, collaborative, multi-media platform with the idea of having a floor space for performances instead of a stage. I want to make my performances more personal and interactive. This is going to be a wonderful night for me to witness how this could work and to take part in something special.”