Photos from All Together Now #8, 11/4/17

Photos from All Together Now #8 at the Thalia Theatre with artists Oompa (rap), Dev Blaire (poetry and movement), Saraswathi Jones (post-colonial pop), Muhammad Seven and Amanda Graff (songwriting and acrobatics), Jacqueline Ortega (jewelry/armor design). Photos by Reid Simpson of Here and There Photography.

Meet Dev Blair

Dev Blair

Dev Blair performs for All Together Now #8 on November 4, 2017 at Inner Sanctum.

Dev Blair (she/her/hers or they/them/theirs) is a current 3rd year at Boston University. Raised in both Atlanta and Orlando, they work as an interdisciplinary artist, acting, singing, writing for stage and screen, occasionally model and write poetry, and additionally work as an activist. They are a co-founder of Boston University’s #PoorAtAPrivateUniversity low income student support group and use their work to encourage people to be better allies via expanding their awareness of oppressive systems and providing them with action and resources to engage with to in order actively help dismantle these systems.

Artist Q&A

Q: What drives you to create?

A: My continued desire to understand the magic of our world.

Q: What’s something that has emerged in your work recently?

A: More and more lately, I’ve been creating work that tells my own story. I think it’s important to use my art to speak to the truth of my experience.

Q: How do you think art transforms people or environments?

A: In many ways, we live in a culture of restraint – I think art creates space where people are allowed to feel the full range of the human experience.