Meet Saraswathi Jones


Saraswathi Jones performs for All Together Now #8 at Inner Sanctum on November 4, 2017.

Saraswathi Jones is a Boston musician and purveyor of postcolonial pop.  Her work draws from the well of South Asian history, culture, and aesthetics and reflects on life in immigrant America. She released the solo EP Lingua Franca in 2013, and fronts Boston band Awaaz Do, who released their debut EP Kite Fight in 2016 and received an Iguana Music Fund grant in 2017 to record their next album. Ms. Jones helped found Hindie Rock Fest, a local music festival featuring South Asian American artists from a broad array of genres, and currently serves as board president of Girls Rock Campaign Boston, a feminist nonprofit empowering girls through musical performance and education.

Artist Q&A:

Q: What are your thoughts on collaboration between artists of different genres?

A: Cross-genre collaboration feels vital to me. The broader one’s palette of influences, the more depth and richness there is in one’s own work.

Q: How does art transform people or environments?

A: Seeing art in a museum (or hearing music in a music club) can be like seeing an animal in a zoo: interesting and even moving, but missing something vital. There is deeper truth and opportunity for engagement when creative work appears in spaces where people live, work and play. It feels more revolutionary, too.

Meet Hemway


Hemway performed in the first All Together Now on April 23rd. They are also hosting and performing for the rest of the series on June 25 and August 27th.

Hemway :: Music :: Boston
Hemway is a melodic, song-oriented alternative/modern rock band from Boston. Their songs feature emotionally rich lyrics and unusual instrument voicing and relationships. Band members, James Brooks, Shaun Utter, and Anna Rae draw on years of performing and touring experience to bring audiences an energetic and eclectic mix of songs that reference multiple genres including rock, pop, blues, folk, and reggae.


Artist Statement:

“As I’ve gotten older my relationship with music has changed… in the past it was about trying to “succeed”… meaning become rich and famous. These days its about feeding my spirit by participating in an activity that allows me to express my creativity without worrying about the end goals… without having any real goal at all other than to have fun writing good tunes and performing with people I enjoy.”

-James Brooks of Hemway

“When I went to music school I had a teacher once who asked a large lecture class I was in, ‘What do musicians DO?’

The answer was simply, ‘they play.’

This has resonated with me ever since. ‘Playing’ music let’s us connect directly to something natural and childlike and really helps to keep us young.”

-James Brooks of Hemway

Meet The Grownup Noise

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The Grownup Noise performed at the first All Together Now on April 23rd.

The Grownup Noise :: Music :: Boston
Since releasing their self-titled debut in 2007, Boston’s The Grownup Noise have evolved into a rousing and innovative pop-music outfit, bridging the gap between americana and indie music. With a genuine respect for every style of music, this band and its songwriter Paul Hansen, are song obsessed. And more than happy to garner quotes like this from The Onion A.V. Club: “The Grownup Noise’s best asset, however is the songwritng, with lines of love and the changing seasons coming out as gently and colorful as the music itself”. Or this from The Boston Globe: “one of Boston’s most promising outfits…a sense of sincerity, wonder, and poetry beats at the heart of skewed folk-pop songs”.


Artist Statements:

“What drives me to create is the beautiful and absurd nature of the human mind. That ideas and the paring of music and words can never be exhausted. And that these emotions, memories, and feelings can be transmitted through art to ease suffering or open hearts and minds.”

“My favorite thing about the Boston music scene is that it can be quite intense and judgmental, but then when artists, from varying scenes and genres, spend 5 minutes together it becomes an absolute love-fest. And usually that love and connection continues on. I’m hoping we can complete the circle someday.”

-Paul Hansen from The Grownup Noise

Meet Jenee Halstead

Jenee Halstead

Jenee Halstead performed in the first All Together Now on April 23rd.

Jenee Halstead :: Music :: Boston
Her latest release, Edge of the World, adds to the indefinable soundscape in which her soft and supple voice floats so exquisitely that the Boston Herald felt it like sorceress music, rings of smoke through the trees and the bells of Rhymney, while comparing Jenees working relationship with new producer Sean McLaughlin to that of Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois for the way it embedded a tremendous voice in an otherworldly, shadowy soundscape.

Spot on. With her gift for wonderfully evocative lyrical imagery, delivered with such a compelling voice, its easy to foresee that Jenees unfettered songwriting will continue to rise  like those swirling rings of smoke  into the expansive sky, and far beyond the edge of the world.


Artist Statements:

“Something that emerged in my art recently was the desire to tell my story and a need to be authentic. I think I spent most of my life running and hiding from my story because I was ashamed of it so I held it at arm’s length. I am proud that I am a survivor and I am proud of who I have become as a strong woman and an authentic artist. I have something to share that might help others.”

“For me this event signifies a change in the way I perform and envision my performance. I have been wanting to move to a more open, collaborative, multi-media platform with the idea of having a floor space for performances instead of a stage. I want to make my performances more personal and interactive. This is going to be a wonderful night for me to witness how this could work and to take part in something special.”